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Important Message about Student Absence

Text, phone or email our hotline before 10am to alert us to your absence:
Absence Line
Telephone: 01273 546645
07481 342441

Maintaining high levels of attendance is the surest way to ensure your success at College. However, if your absence is genuinely unavoidable, you must follow the correct procedures. If you don’t, your absence will NOT be authorised. Your parent / guardian will be informed by email whether your absence has been authorised or not.

If you are unavoidably absent:

Absences will not be authorised unless we receive a phone call, text or e-mail on each day of absence before 10 am.

If you know you are going to be absent:

Absence because of appointments and open days and other occasions where the absence is known in advance will only be authorised if a future absence form is completed in advance.

If you have to leave College before the end of your scheduled lessons:

If you feel unwell or have to leave college before the end of your scheduled lessons, you must sign out in the Registry, giving the reason you are leaving.


We also reserve the right not to authorise absences where there is a clear pattern of absence which has not been discussed with the relevant Head of School (Student).

See full details of the Student Attendance Policy and acceptable / unacceptable reasons for absence.

Downloadable Forms

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