Adam Azmy, former Film & Media Studies student returns to College

Adam Azmy came back to tell the members of the college's Film & Media Society all about what he has achieved since leaving college. Adam's strength as a director is cemented in his never-ending curiosity to lean all aspects of film production. At university, he divided his time between his own directorial pursuits and taking on key roles in various other productions. Driven by his interest in post-production, Adam began teaching himself compositing and after graduating in 2008, he was hired by Oscar-winning visual effects company Framestore.
Adam Azmy
Undoubtedly it's Adam's keen eye for visual artistry that has led to his contributions to recently-completed high profile feature films such as Steven Spielberg's "War Horse", Guy Ritchie's "Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows" and James Cameron's "Avatar". Adam was also part of the ground-breaking Oscar and Bafta award winning visual effects team that brought Alfonso Cuaron's "Gravity" to life.