GCSE Adult Education Courses at Varndean College, Brighton

GCSE Level
We offer GCSEs in English, Maths, Biology, Sociology, French, Italian and Spanish.
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We are currently offering the following courses but we add classes all the time so please keep returning to this page or get in touch with us to see what GCSE courses we are going to be offering in the future.

    I'm sorry there are no courses for this category currently running. Please keep returning back to the website or get in touch with us to see what other classes may be coming up later

    “Since taking this class I feel like my subject knowledge increased greatly. Paul is incredibly knowledgeable as a teacher, there was nothing we could ask that he didn't know the answer to. Paul's teaching style is very engaging and I found it was never a struggle to concentrate in class, even though I would come to each lesson straight after the end of an eight hour work day. ”

    “ I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you. I really used to utterly despise maths. The idea of applying myself to a subject used to fill me with dread. Thanks to you and your supportive and welcoming class room, you managed to turn a U student into a C one. You truly are a credit to your progression. ”