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VAARZ5881 weeks12th May 2018Saturday10:00am - 3:00pmLucy Parker£39.00Varndean CollegeNo

Course Information

Who is this for?

All abilities

What Will I Learn?

In this workshop you will learn about colour theory and making your own colour wheel. You will also explore the basics of watercolour painting and acquire a range of useful technical skills. You will learn how to stretch paper, apply colour washes and use the paint to bring out the full translucent quality of the medium.

Content of the Course

Whether you are a beginner or you already have some experience of painting watercolours at home, you will find that this course starts with the basics and allows you to acquire a range of useful technical skills. Please allow £10 for any materials you wish to purchase from the tutor.

Equipment Needed

Any watercolour paints or brushes you may have already.
Your lunch.

Work needed to be Done outside of the Classroom


Assessment Details

Tutor feedback

What Next?

Other Painting or Arts & Crafts courses and workshops

Other Costs: Allow £10 in case you wish to purchase any materials from the tutor.

Please ring the Adult Education office on 01273 546602 for further information.

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