Advice for September 2020 Applicants

Understandably, many of you will be feeling worried about COVID-19 and the impact it might have on your application to join us in September. That’s why we wanted to take a moment to answer some of your questions regarding applications, exams, enrolment, and entry requirements.

We want to reassure you that we will be working hard, alongside your school, to support you through the application process. Please find below some of the big questions we’ve been asked over the past few days. We hope our answers will reassure you that these changes should not affect your future plans to study with us.

We've pulled together the top frequently asked questions from the past week to make sure you have all the information you need. If you have one that isn't on the list you can contact us by emailing:

We will be releasing some subject specific pre work to keep you motivated and to give you a taster of your subjects. In the meantime we have made a research project for you which will be excellent preparation for you beginning the next step of your studies. Your interviewer will ask you about your project in your interview but this is voluntary and to help support you.

Download Project

Sending safe and healthy wishes to you and your family, and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I still get my place at College now I am not sitting GCSEs?

All Year 11s across the whole country are in the same position as you as to no longer sitting exams this year. We are waiting to hear exactly how your grades will be determined but we will be working closely with your school to help us choose the level and type of course that will suit you best. This will include looking at the GCSE grades you are awarded and any other information your school or you give us in terms of your progress. For some courses we may ask you to take an additional assessment or to produce a portfolio to ensure we get you on the right course.

I still haven’t had my interview

For the moment we have cancelled all face-to-face interviews and have rescheduled you to have your interview over the telephone, please let us know if you haven’t heard from us and we can try to arrange this. Please be assured the delay of your interview will not affect your application in any way. You can contact us on:

I’m worried that my predicted grades are going to be lower than I would have got in my exams

There is so much uncertainty now in terms of how your grade will be predicted that it’s hard to answer this question, other than to say that the Department for Education are trying to work out the fairest way to give you the grades you deserve. Your enrolment interview will take place just after you get your results so we will be here to see you and to work out the best plan for you. There will be the opportunity to talk to us face to face about the choices you want to do and the results you have.

I am homeschooled and was sitting my exams as an external candidate so I haven’t got predicted grades

We are still waiting to hear what provision will be put in place for students who are entered as external candidates and independently to any school or college. As this must be a worrying time for you we will be able to offer you a place on our pre-advanced programme should you not get any results. (This is a change in our current policy and is something we can only offer to those of you who are homeschooled).

I would really like to start to do some college work now

We are going to send you a list of wider reading you can start with all of the subjects you are interested in to get you ready and excited for September. In May we will also start to set you some tasks and Summer work for you to do so that you are kept busy.

Will we still have a New Students’ Day on June 24th?

At the moment we are still planning to have you come to us to try all of your subjects at our New Student’s Day in June. If this changes we will let you know as soon as we can. (This is based on the advice around public gatherings).

When will I enrol at College?

We are still planning our enrolment interviews for August the 21st - 27th. You will receive an appointment time from us after Easter. We are planning for these to be face to face interviews.