Summer 2021 Examination Results Appeal Process

This summer has again been unusual with respect to how results have been determined as once again formal exams were cancelled. Your grades this summer are teacher assessed grades.

The process by which the college has arrived at a teacher assessed grade has been a complex one. Staff have taken into account a range of factors such as practice exams, assignments, performance in class, coursework, predicted grades and experience of students in previous years. These judgements have then been internally moderated by programme teams, and also externally moderated, before being sent off to the exam boards.

Grounds for appeal

There are two grounds for appeal.

  1. Procedural error - If you believe that the college has not followed its procedures properly in awarding a teacher assessed grade as set out in the Centre Policy. (This is not the same thing as being disappointed in the grade that has been predicted.)
  2. Administrative error - If the college has made an error when recording or submitting the grade to the exam boards.

You must request a Centre review before you can request an awarding organisation appeal. This is so that the awarding organisation is certain that your grade is as the centre intended.

Who to see

  • If you need help with clearing or university choices see the Careers Team in the Library.
  • If you want to initiate a Centre review please email for an appeal form, please see enclosed appeal information from the JCQ for deadline dates.

FAQs About Reviews And Retakes

Am I able to appeal about my grades?

Yes - see above for the grounds of an appeal.

Can I know the grade the college sent to the exam board?

Yes - this is available for you to view on STS.

How do I arrange a review?

  • If you are holding a UCAS offer and you need an URGENT response for clearing purposes, you MUST arrange an interview with Careers and you MUST make sure you have your official results slips with you.
  • For all review requests you need to complete the JCQ Student Request for Centre Review & Appeals to Awarding Organisations form.
  • Email for an appeal form.
  • It is ESSENTIAL that you contact the College as soon as you know your results so that we can process your requests by the deadlines stated on the appeal form.

What could happen to my grade after a review?

No change in grade or a change in grade which COULD result in a higher or lower grade being awarded.

Because of the possibility of your grade being lowered, you MUST date & sign the Verification Statement on the appeal form.

Please see the links and latest guidance on the appeals process should you wish to look into appealing one of your grades.

The most recent guidance, released August 2021 is here:

An overview of the process:

A more detailed guide to the process:

Appeal Form Download