Dream Interpretation

Code Duration Start Day Time Tutor Fee Venue Concessions
VPSYZ303 6 weeks 2nd May 2019 Thursday 7:00pm - 9:00pm Elizabeth Prince-harding £75 Varndean College No

Course Information

Who Is This For?
a) guidance needed: This is a general level course, all that is needed is an interest in dreams, psychology and understanding symbolism and the self. b) entry requirements: No formal entry requirements
What Will I Learn?
The basic concepts behind dreams, research methods and studies.
Content of the Course
1. Dreams: The Language of the Unconscious Mind. This session is an introduction to dream interpretation, and the main methods of performing interpretations. Learning to combine methods to best effect; using skilful questions to draw out the right information. How to optimise your dreaming by programming your unconscious to have and recall dreams clearly; and techniques with the Dream Journal. 2. Learning to think symbolically, and developing your intuition. Developing and drawing on knowledge from various sources of symbolism, such as Astrology, Tarot, religion and the Western Esoteric Tradition. Techniques for developing intuition will be explored such as Archetypes and the work of Carl Jung. 3. A ‘literal’ approach to Dream Symbolism Often the meaning of dream imagery is far more straightforward than you might expect. How to use a simple technique for discovering the meaning of a dream symbol. Common dream themes and symbols, such as falling, flying, teeth falling out, nakedness in public, chase dreams, etc; and common dream symbols such as water (emotion), houses and buildings (your Self) and the significance of the characters in your dreams. 4. Personal meaning and symbolism; the context of the dream. Working with personal meaning attached to symbols - how to question the person for more in-depth meaning. Exploring the context of the dream and the life circumstances in which the dream occurs. Using dream interpretation sources: books and the internet. How to spot a good source of dream symbolism, and how to integrate these insights into your own dream interpretations. 5. Putting it all together. Using what we have learned to understand our own dreams, and those of other people. Combining methods - knowing when an image is an archetype, when it is personally significant, or whether there is a straightforward ‘literal’ meaning of the image.
Assessment Details
Via tutor feedback.
Teaching Methods
This will be a workshop-style course involving lots of activities, group-work, discussion and guided visualisations.
What's Next?
Further adult education courses.

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