English GCSE

This new syllabus is a fast-track, one-year GCSE English Language course involving wider reading and building on written and spoken skills:

Paper 1:

A written exam (1 hour/45 minutes) 50% of GCSE/80 marks. Analysing a literature fiction text and writing descriptively.

Paper 2:

A written exam (1 hour/45 minutes) 50% of GCSE/80 marks. Analysis/comparison of 19th/20th/21st Century non-fiction texts and writing to persuade.

Please note that studying at GCSE is an invitation to occasionally engage in and examine challenging and difficult topics.

Non-Exam Spoken Assessment:

This mark is carried through from school, if you have already done it.

If you already have a Grade 4 in GCSE English Literature, you do not have to re-sit English Language GCSE, but it may be useful especially if you are considering going to university.

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