If you excel at coursework and practical tasks, then this could be the legal course for you. The BTEC course follows a similar programme as an A level but allows you to explore the law in the real world. You will have opportunities to visit local courts, meet magistrates, solicitors and barristers and have a working knowledge of where clients can obtain advice and funding for court. Lessons will involve research activities, creating legal information films, writing reports and legal letters and debating current issues. Topics for debate will include whether community sentences are too lenient? Should life mean life for murderers? Is the compensation culture out of control?

This course has direct links with business and public services courses and will allow you to personalise your learning/interests to the area of law/business you may eventually work in.

Year 1

  • Unit 1: Dispute Solving in the Legal System - exploring civil law and negligence
  • Unit 2: Understanding Law Making - where do our laws come from?

Year 2

  • Unit 3: Applying the Law - murder, voluntary manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter; property offences; police powers and general defences
  • Unit 6: Contract Law

Course Essentials

Courses Available
Single BTEC Level 3 (equivalent to 1 A Level)
Entry Requirements
How The Course is Assessed
Unit 1: January - Online exam with pre-seen material 1.5 hours
Unit 2 & 6: Coursework - internally assessed
Unit 3: January - year 2 - Written exam with pre-seen material 2 hours
Career Pathways
The course is ideal if you want to work in the legal/business world for example, a para legal (non-lawyer carrying out legal work), law clerks, legal personal assistants or working in business such as a contracts manager. It would also support entry into a range of degree courses such as law, business or journalism.
Transferable Skills
Time management; effective communication; problem solving skills; handling and organising documents; online research and filing; developing self-confidence in teams and selfmanagement and adaptability.
Other Information
The course is ideal for students who want to focus on the practical aspects of Law and develop their research and presentation skills. It will also make you more employable in the world of business, banking and insurance, or you could move into local authorities and the police.
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