Applying for Daytime Courses


A Guide to the Application Process

Varndean College, BHASVIC and Greater Brighton Metropolitan College (formerly City College) operate a joint application process. To apply to one of these colleges, you need to fill in an online application form on the website of the college of your first choice. If you would like to apply to Varndean College, then please use the link below. If applying for more than one college, you will be asked to put the colleges in order of preference.

The priority deadline for applications is Friday 1 December. You may apply after this date, but applications received by the deadline are given priority.

Please note, the application form is available online only; there is no paper version. Please continue reading for advice on How to complete the Application Form


The Application Timetable



Apply by the priority deadline

Friday 1 December 2017

Make sure you have received an email confirmation of your submitted application form.

As soon as you send

You will be notified by post of a date and time to come to an interview.   


Attend Interview.  This will be with a senior member of college staff who will discuss your course choices with you. Please bring along your most recent school report with predicted grades and details of your attendance.
At your interview, providing we can offer you an appropriate course and that you are supported by your school, you will be offered a place based upon the entry criteria set out in our Admissions Policy. (Please note that if this is late in the application cycle, this may be a 'waiting list offer').  You will receive written notification of this offer, together with a copy of our Admissions Policy.

January - February


At your interview

If you wish to accept the place offered to you, you must return the reply slip sent with the letter within 10 days.

Within 10 days

You will be invited to attend our New Students' Day.  This is when you will meet Subject Tutors and find out more about coming to college in September

Wed 27 June 2018

Following your GCSE results in August, you will then be invited to attend a Final Enrolment Interview in late August.  This is when you will have a chance to discuss your course with a senior member of staff in light of these results. Do not worry if you haven't met the requirements for a specific course, we will discuss this with you further and help you find an alternative course that suits you.

Late August 2018

How to Complete the Online Application Form

  • Firstly you will create an account to make an application.
  • You can save your progress at any point and return to complete the form.
  • Once you have completed and submitted your form, you will be able to print and/or download a PDF for your own records. 

Section 1: Proposed courses

College Choice:

If you wish to apply to Varndean College, please make sure that you select ‘Varndean College’ from the 1st Choice College dropdown list.

You do not have to choose a 2nd or 3rd Choice College, but if you wish to have BHASVIC or Brighton MET as a backup choice, then make sure you include these as a 2nd or 3rd choices.

You will not be able to make a joint application to BHASVIC and Varndean College – you must choose one or the other of these two sixth form colleges to make your application.

You can apply to Varndean College and Brighton MET as an ‘equal first choice’ but only if the course choices are very different, for example applying to Varndean for A levels and Brighton MET for a vocational qualification. If you wish for your application to be treated as ‘equal first choice’ please write this in the Additional Details section in Section 4, which is a later page on the online form.

Course Choice:

Please make sure you have carefully considered all the different subjects and qualifications, as well as whether you are interested in single or double courses. Details of each course are available on the website and in our College Prospectus.

Please also carefully check the entry requirements for each course you are requesting.

Normally, students will choose the equivalent of three single courses.  This could be for example: three A Levels; two A Levels and a Single BTEC; one A Level and a Double BTEC; The International Baccalaureate Diploma, or a combination of Level 2 Courses.   This will however all be discussed further at your interview.

Please note the CACHE Level 3 Diploma in Early Years Education & Care is a full-time course and counts as three subjects.

Section 2: Personal Details

Take care to provide your contact details accurately in order that we can send information to you.  Your mobile number and email address are particularly important.  Please ensure you enter these details correctly.   
When entering your date of birth, simply click on month & year at the top.  This will bring up a calendar of months for you to select.  Then double click on the year and this will bring up a calendar of previous years.
If any of your personal details change after you have submitted your application, please email with these changes. 

Section 3: Current (or most recent) Course

In the ‘Level´ column, please indicate whether the subject is GCSE, BTEC, a short course, a double or a triple (for example Religious Studies GCSE short, or Science GCSE double, etc.)
Please tick the ‘Predicted’ box if you have not yet taken final exams or have not yet completed the qualification. If you already hold the full qualification, please leave the ‘Predicted’ box un-ticked.
If you do not yet have a predicted grade from your school, please add in the grade you believe you are most likely to achieve and we will clarify this with you at interview.

Section 4: Additional Details

Additional Learning Support
It is really important that you tell us if you need any extra support due to a disability, learning difficulty or literacy or numeracy support needs. If you tick yes to this section, we will contact you to discuss your support needs before your course starts. Disclosing information will not be used for admissions purposes and will not affect your place in any way.
Criminal Convictions
‘Relevant’ convictions mean convictions for offences that are:

  1. Against the person, whether of a violent or a sexual nature;
  2. Involving the unlawful supply or use of controlled drugs or substances where the conviction concerns commercial drug dealing or trafficking;
  3. Arson.

Whether your conviction is ‘unspent’ or not will depend on the time and nature of the sentence. Please consult with the Criminal Records Service if you do not know, before submitting your application to us.
If you tick yes to this section, you will be asked to complete a more detailed confidential form regarding your conviction(s). Having a criminal conviction will not necessarily prevent you from studying at college and we may need to discuss your convictions with you.

If you do not disclose a relevant conviction, then this could result in exclusion or disciplinary action by the College.

Name of Parent/Carer/Emergency Contact

Please complete this section carefully. If you have more than one parent/carer or emergency contact (for example two parents who do not live together) please provide the details of one contact in this application form and bring further details with you to your interview.

Future Plans

We would like to read your thoughts on your longer-term aims, such as your career plans or ideas you have for further study after Varndean. If you are uncertain of your longer-term plans, please do not worry as we will discuss your course choices at interview with you. 

Section 5: Data Protection & Signatures

Please read this section carefully as, by signing the application form, you are agreeing to us sharing the information contained within the form with the Education Funding Agency.
You are also agreeing to information regarding your education being shared between your current or previous schools and the colleges.   Please print your name in the signature box – Varndean College will take your application and email address as signed verification from you.   You will be able to print or download a PDF of your completed application at this point.


"I was very impressed by the number and variety of courses available at the College, as well as the facilities and the grounds. The vibe here is very welcoming and inspiring, with both the teachers and the students being friendly and helpful."

"Because I felt I could be myself without being pressured to be someone that I am not. I also like how relaxed and comfortable the environment is and it has helped me gain more confidence."

"Varndean is my local college and I'd only heard positive comments about its warm inclusive atmosphere and diverse range of subjects. I have really enjoyed the opportunity for debate, absorption in new academic topics and making new friends here."

"I loved the campus and the atmosphere, the teachers are all so friendly and the College itself makes you feel at home. I have had a fabulous two years."