Enrichment Activities

Art & Design
Extension class for Visual Art students, based around a series of gallery trips, studio visits and meetings with contemporary artists, and designers.

Band Collective
Make music on Wednesday afternoons with student bands. Our College Funk Band rehearse and perform cover versions of rock, soul and dance classics.

BMAT Support Programme
Specialist support for students applying for medicine, dentistry and veterinary science courses. Focus on writing personal statements, the BMAT UKCAT exams, plus 1:1 interviews to help with UCAS applications.

Chemistry Society
Programme of events and activities for students of Chemistry A level to extend their understanding and appreciation of the subject.

Christian Union
For students seeking answers to fundamental questions such as: “Why are we here?”, “What is the significance of life?”, “Why is there suffering?”, “Is there really a god?”.

College Mentors
Train to support fellow students as they join and work their way through College. Training focuses on listening skills and enables participants to explore some of their own feelings and to support others.

Creative Writing
Students work with a local author to develop their writing skills and to receive feedback on the creation of their own poetry, prose or scripts.

Duke of Edinburgh Scheme
The opportunity to participate in the Award Scheme. You achieve your Award by completing a personal programme of activities in these areas: Volunteering, Physical, Skills, Expedition and, for Gold, a Residential.

Environmental Committee
Plan how the College will reduce its environmental footprint, implement its environmental policy and eco-code; develop projects around the College and its campus.

Funk Band
Env Committee

Feminist Society
Regular discussion and debates on some of the key themes and issues around contemporary gender roles and power.

Funk Band
Rehearse and perform cover versions of rock, soul and dance classics.

Law Society
Do you have a passion for Law? Listen to talks from guest speakers, take part in careers events, participate in debates, enhance your CV/personal statement.

Leadership Awards
Both Dance and Sport offer the opportunity to follow a Leadership Award. These are qualifications at Level 1 and 2 and may be added to three A levels (or equivalent) to complete a study programme.

Life Drawing
For Visual Arts students to build a successful portfolio for progression to an Art & Design degree or foundation course. Work directly from a range of life models and produce a series of drawings, paintings, mixed media or experimental works.

An opportunity for gifted and talented Maths students to extend their skills through various mathematical challenges and competitions, such as the UK Maths Challenge.

Music Theory
Weekly support for students of Music (or Music Technology) in its key elements such as intervals, keys, scales and chords.

Muslim Voice
An opportunity for Islamic students to meet and receive support through events, festivals and discussions.

Origami Club
Learn how to transform small pieces of paper into amazing shapes!

Funk Band
Rainbow Alliance

Oxbridge Support Programme
Specialist support for students applying to the Universities of Oxford or Cambridge.

Pathways to Business and law
Mentor scheme for Business and Law students. Receive training in mentoring and supporting fellow students and an opportunity to receive advice from representatives from successful local businesses.

Philosophy Society
Student led discussion, dissection and deconstruction of philosophical issues and arguments.

Politics Society
Weekly meetings with a broad range of speakers – local MPs, councillors, activists, journalists, academics and many more. A chance to meet, discuss, contest and listen to viewpoints you may have never considered before.

Rainbow Alliance

A safe place for LGBTQ+ students and their straight allies to meet, find support and campaign for change.

Raspberry Pi Club

A club for Computer Science students to get together and explore fun side projects to further their interest in the subject. These can be used to stand out on a UCAS or Apprenticeship application. Projects ideas are decided by students and have included:- The Octa-Pi - 8 Raspberry Pi’s linked together to solve a single problem, an Internet Doorbell that sends a notification to your phone if someone rings the bell, a Robotic Arm, Amazon Alexa running via Raspberry Pi and a Robot Car.

Sport & Recreation

The following recreational activities are offered to all students on Wednesday afternoons (or sometimes on other occasions during the week):

  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Football (College, Social and Women’s)
  • Fitness Gym
  • Netball
  • Rugby
  • Table Tennis
  • Tennis
  • Yoga
  • Zumba

The following small qualifications at levels 2 may be added to three A levels (or equivalent) to complete a study programme and broaden your CV.

  • Dance Leadership Award
  • Sports Leadership Awards
  • Fitness Instruction
  • Nutrition and Health

Student-Directed Drama and Stage Management
Open to all students interested in creating, rehearsing and performing drama, as well as those wishing to work behind the scenes or front of house on College productions.

Girls Football

Storytelling Society
Come along to discuss and learn how to tell traditional stories of many cultures.

Student Union
Represent the views and opinions of students at Varndean by joining the Varndean College Student Union. It is also possible to seek election to any one of several roles on the VCSU Executive.

Varndean College Ambassadors
Support and inform prospective applicants to the College by helping out with College open days, year 10 taster events and school liaison.

Voice at Varndean
Come along and participate in reading poetry, either written by yourself or by published authors.

Improve your wellbeing, student destress, enhance your learning, learn life skills, hand reflexology, brain gym, mindfulness and strategies for selfcontrol.

Work Experience
The College has good links with local employers and might be able to find you a placement – either as a weekly commitment or a block of time - to develop your experience of the world of employment.

Young Enterprise Scheme
Set up and run your own business and aim to make a profit, with advice and mentoring from local business people.

Zareen Society
If you love learning and have ambitions of studying at a top university, then this group offers support and information to students who have the ability to flourish on academically challenging undergraduate courses.

Zambia Trip
In aid of the Kaloko Trust, join a group of students and staff spending three weeks in the Copperbelt area (Luansobe) of Zambia helping to build and teach in the local community, followed by a visit to Livingstone and a safari in Botswana.