Beyond Your Lessons
The Varndean Values Enrichment Programme

The enrichment programme at Varndean College is an essential part of the teaching and learning journey for all students, and an overall contributor to your college experience. Enrichment plays an essential role in allowing you the opportunity to develop transferable skills, access learning beyond the curriculum and contribute to the college community. In addition, enrichment provides you with the opportunity to build social links outside of the classroom and a platform to enjoyable and supported activities.

When you enroll at Varndean College you will select an enrichment which will be added to your timetable. You are welcome to choose an enrichment that supports your subject choices or try something completely different, the choice is yours! Some of the enrichment courses have a qualification attached and allow you the opportunity to access this alongside your studies. Other enrichment courses are focused on development outside of structured lessons. Your chosen enrichment courses will not only benefit you during your time at College but also be a valuable asset ahead of interviews, university applications and progression opportunities after your time at college.

  • The Varndean Values Enrichment Programme offers a bespoke extra-curricular experience for every student
  • You need to choose between a full - year enrichment course (A) or two shorter courses (B) that run throughout the year
  • Enrichment Courses are categorised via the six headings below to help you focus on your individual pathway at Varndean College
  • If you choose the option B route you can choose courses from any heading
Varndean Active
Varndean Community
Varndean Creative
Varndean Personal Development
Varndean Progress