Varndean Community

Full Year Courses (Option A) - You choose one

College Climate & Environment Action Group

Help to plan how the College will reduce its environmental footprint, implement its environmental policy and eco-code. We are also following the Climate Action Road Map which links to the Government's zero emissions targets. We have a staff and student group who meet regularly to coordinate and initiate projects such as creating and managing the college nature reserve, improving our campus environment and raising awareness about environmental issues

Law Society

You will explore the way law has helped to shape our society, and the evolution of law in real time through current affairs and politics throughout the year. You will explore the big questions, such as 'Should public interest override what is fair to an individual?' and 'When can human rights such as freedom of expression and freedom of assembly be curtailed?

Pokemon Club

A weekly club for students to engage in a range of different Pokemon activities

Politics Society

Weekly meetings with a broad range of speakers - local MPs, Councillors, activists, journalists, academics and many more. A chance to meet, discuss, contest and listen to viewpoints you may have never considered before


You will have the opportunity to build social links with those in attendance and develop a community group within the College. You will explore a range of aspects from LGBTQ+ history and culture and will build a Tutorial resource where you can share your thoughts, ideas and perspectives to the whole student cohort. You will explore tasks which encourage debate, communication and organisation. This will develop your communication and group skills throughout the year. Rainbow is an enrichment that is open to all students and staff. It is a safe space for LGBTQ+ individuals and allies, all are welcome

Videogame Club

Play and discuss a range of games each week in a friendly, welcoming and non-competitive environment

Sociology Society

A student lead enrichment, we will explore topics outside of those we already deliver

Shorter Courses (Option B) - You choose two from any pathway

Board Games Club

Do you know your 'Scrabble' from your 'Pictionary'? Are you looking for a 'Trivial Pursuit' to fill your Enrichment time? Come along for 12 weeks of exploring some of the most popular board games that are played in homes all across the country. This is a great opportunity to come along, unwind, 'Connect 4' with some new friends and get 'Cluedo'-d up on the latest board game crazes


Come along and join the college choir! This will improve your confidence, social creativity and collaboration. No experience necessary!

Ethnicity, Identity & Culture Group

This student led group is for people from minority groups, where minority voices can be heard without needing to focus on questions from a majority point of view. Everyone is welcome to join

Global Citizenship

Varndean is a member of Citizens UK which is made up of hundreds of organisations committed to taking action together for social justice and the common good. Membership is an expression of commitment to develop student leadership, as well as strengthen links with families and local organisations. It is a way to address issues beyond the college gates, through community organising, as well as issues which have a direct impact on the wellbeing of young people and their families

Health & Social Care Society

Term 1 - You will explore a variety of topics that are in the news in Health & Social Care, looking at the facts and discussing that issue - for example, "The age at which people can buy tobacco and cigarettes in England should be raised year by year so that eventually no-one can buy them". What do you think about this? Is it realistic? Term 2 - Working in H&SC. Could you care? What are some of the issues facing staff on the front line? With a different visiting speaker each month we explore what it is like to work in H&SC. Useful insight for students applying to H&SC related courses / jobs in the caring profession. Including advice on what to include in your university personal statement