Varndean Creative

Full Year Courses (Option A) - You choose one

Creative Writing

Want to write stories or poetry? Been secretly scribbling in a notebook and wondering what to do next? Creative Writing enrichment is for you! In this playful enrichment we explore finding inspiration, creating characters, crafting plots, building worlds, and just what does make a poem a poem? You'll have opportunities to write and share your words in a supportive, encouraging and fun community of writers

Funk Band

Make music with the College Funk Band where you will rehearse and perform cover versions of rock, soul and dance classics. This will improve your confidence, social creativity and collaboration by developing group performance skills

Journalling (for calm)

This enrichment will help you with resilience, self-compassion and self-confidence. It will also you to find ways to fully engage with the classroom when things get tough. Your creative writing skills might also benefit!

Matinee Club

Matinee Club is the English Department's presentation of drama productions that have been filmed. Expect to see some of the very best recent productions from, among others, the RSC, the Globe, The Bridge and the BBC. We screen plays from the sixteenth century to the present day

Reading Challenge

You will be given a Reading Challenge of 4 book categories to complete across the year- choosing your own books for each of the categories. Each week you will go along to a quiet space to unwind and read your book, or have a discussion about the book you have chosen in the current category

Stage Management

Open to all students interested in working behind the scenes or front of house on College productions

Storytelling Society

We 'story' the curriculum and the people who make use of it. Each week a traditional story is told which has relevance to either a particular subject area, or, an issue that students have to face. Tips and ideas for how to tell stories are shared. We invite professional actors, poets and traditional oral storytellers to tell

Student Directed Drama

Open to all students interested in creating, rehearsing and performing drama

You Can Make It!

Express yourself by making badges, cards, posters and more. This is a practical art and design activity that is all about you creating something by hand. This enrichment will explore quick fun creative processes and techniques. Open to visual art students as a complimentary activity to your course or to any student if you want to be creative. As well as practical skills you'll develop your ability to problem solve and to embrace creative challenges through playing with materials and processes. Mini projects will be varied, from political photomontage to character creation and each week you'll get the chance to make it

Shorter Courses (Option B) - You choose two from any pathway

Analysis for Film

You will join other in watching, analysing and discussing a wide range of short films in all genres, from all time periods, in a variety of languages and formats that cover a huge range of topics, issues, stories and characters. You will also get to contribute choices to the short films the group watches so you get the chance to share your own favourites!

Art & Design Support & Progress

For Visual Art students, includes gallery trips, studio visits and meetings with contemporary artists, and designer

Beginners Games Development

You will create art, sound and gameplay for your own 2D games, and host them on a website for friends and family to play. No prior knowledge of art or programming is required, and you can run the game engine from any device with a Google Chrome browser!


You will learn handbuilding techniques to use with clay including slab building and coil building. You will learn how to apply decorative surfaces to clay using texture and coloured slip

Crochet & Knitting

Open to all students, you will learn the basics of how to crochet and knit

Dance Enrichment

An opportunity to learn further dance skills, create performance material and work as a group of mixed level students

Digital Illustration

You will develop a range of creative outcomes using inks, paints and digital processes in Photoshop. You can choose to work from your own project themes and / or from live project briefs. There will also be opportunities to explore and respond to the work of key digital illustrators to help develop your own personal style

Independent Film Production

You will create your own short films which can be entered in Festivals & Competitions

Introduction to 3D Modelling

You will learn the fundamentals of 3D modelling, rigging and animating using Blender 3.0. You will be able to produce 3D models for a wide range of creative fields, including games, film, animation, fashion and architecture

Introduction to DJing

Open to all students, regardless of instrumental or musical background, to engage in creative and musical pursuits and develop a deeper understanding of popular music

Introduction to Sewing

You will gain confidence in using a sewing machine, learn to thread the machine and troubleshoot problems and make a series of work exploring different methods of machine sewing. We will also have the opportunity to explore very basic pattern cutting and garment making techniques

Life Drawing (Year 2 Only)

For Visual Arts students. Work directly from a range of life models and produce a series of drawings, paintings, mixed media or experimental works

Photography Portfolio Support (Year 2 Only)

For Photography students to access guidance and support with your online portfolios, in order to be successful in gaining a place on your chosen progression course


You will learn new skills and techniques using a range of printmaking processes. This will help you to understand and value the importance of printmaking and its ability to create experimental outcomes that are often unexpected. Over the twelve weeks you will be shown a range of techniques such as traditional Monoprinting, three color reduction Lino prints, reduction Collagraphs and Gel-plate printing techniques