Varndean Development

Full Year Courses (Option A) - You choose one

Mental Health Mentors/First Aiders
As a Mental Health First Aider you will be trained to listen, reassure and respond to the needs of others, even in a crisis. You will learn about some of the mental health disorders/symptoms that young people experience. There will be discussions around 'self-diagnosis' and 'mental health myths and misconceptions' which are often portrayed by the media. By the end of the course you will how to recognise warning signs, and develop the skills and confidence to approach and support someone experiencing mental ill-health
Peer & Academic Mentors
Train to support fellow students as they join and work their way through College. Training focuses on listening skills and enables participants to explore some of their own feelings and to support others
Psychology Society
The Psychology Society welcomes anyone with an interest in psychology, whether you're studying psychology or not. You will take part in discussions about human behaviour, relationships, social problems, scientific discoveries, and anything to do with investigating the mysteries of the human condition. The Psychology Society is a great space to freely explore ideas, no matter their origin or implication, with like-minded individuals in a respectful, forward-thinking environment. We also encourage and support our members by taking a serious interest in mental health
Transition Support from Level 2 to Level 3
For students who were previously on a Level 2 programme, this course will provide you with support in the transition to Level 3 study
Young Carers Group
For students who have caring responsibilities outside of college

Shorter Courses (Option B) - You choose two from any pathway

This group explores body-based mindfulness practices used to promote well-being and happiness, help soothe stress and anxiety, as well as increase the ability to deal with challenging thoughts and emotions
Understanding & Managing your Money
You will gain an understand the basics of money, learn how to manage your money over short and long term periods and how easy it really is to manage your money and where you can save money
Improve your wellbeing, de-stress, enhance your learning, learn life skills, hand reflexology, brain gym, mindfulness and strategies for self-control. We offer four different Wellbeing groups: Wellbeing for Academic Study; Space to Connect, an all-inclusive space for women to connect with other students (the group welcomes everyone who identifies as a woman inclusive of trans and non-binary individuals); Space to Connect for Male Identity