Flying Start 2017

  • If you are starting new courses at Varndean College, developing good independent study habits quickly is vital for success.
  • At College you are expected to complete weekly homework tasks for every subject outside of your timetabled lessons. That's a challenge you'll need to get prepared for before your timetabled lessons begin.
  • Flying Start is designed to help you get back the good study habits you probably haven't used since you finished your GCSE exams last June


  1. Please read this booklet, which outlines our expectations of all students and staff at Varndean College, the community you are choosing to join. There will be an opportunity to discuss this further in Core Studies, once you start at college.
  2. Click on Core Studies and You can Grow your Intelligence
  3. Click on every subject you have enrolled for and download your first homework tasks. Complete these before your first lesson in each subject. You need to allow 2 -3 hours per option.

Flying Start (Year 1)

Advanced Levels Programmes
Biology Classical Civilisation History - Modern
BTEC Applied Law Computer Science Law
BTEC Applied Biology Dance Mathematics
BTEC Business Design - 3D Double Mathematics
BTEC Computer Games Development Design - Graphic  Media Studies
CTEC Creative Media Production Digital Illustration Music
BTEC Dance Drama/Theatre Studies Music Technology
BTEC Environmental Sustainability Economics Philosophy
BTEC  Health and Social Care English Language Photography
BTEC ICT English Literature Physics
BTEC Performance Double Diploma | Sub Diploma Film Studies Politics
BTEC Public Services Fine Art Psychology
BTEC Sport French Sociology
BTEC Travel & Tourism Geography Spanish
Business Studies German Textiles
CACHE Early Years Education & Care Health and Social Care  
Chemistry History - Early Modern  
International Baccalaureate
IB Biology Higher Level IB History Standard IB Spanish Beginners
IB Biology Standard Level IB History Higher IB Spanish Higher
IB Chemistry Higher Level IB Mathematical Studies Standard IB Spanish Standard
IB Chemistry Standard Level IB Maths Higher IB Theatre Higher
IB English & World Lit Higher IB Maths Standard IB Theatre Standard
IB English & World Lit Standard IB Philosophy Higher IB Theory of Knowledge
IB Film Standard Level IB Philosophy Standard IB World Politics Standard/Higher
IB Film Higher Level IB Psychology Higher IB Visual Arts Higher Level
IB French Higher IB Psychology Standard IB Visual Arts Standard Level
IB French Standard IB Physics Standard IB Physics Higher
IB German Higher IB German Standard  
Preadvanced Programmes
GCSE Biology Level 2 Art & Design Level 2 Nutrition and Health
GCSE English Language Level 2 Business Level 2 Performing Arts
GCSE Mathematics Number & Measure Level 2 Childcare (Cache) Level 2 Public Services
GCSE Mathematics Foundation Level 2 Creative Media Production Level 2 Sport
GCSE Mathematics Higher Level 2 Creative iMedia Sports Leaders
GCSE Photography Level 2 Fitness Level 2 Travel & Tourism
  Level 2 Health & Social Care