Graduating with Honours!

Alice Howard-Graham

I am currently working at Paul Smith as an Assistant Print Designer. I graduated in July 2012 from UCA Farnham, after studying a BA (Hons) in Textiles for Fashion and Interiors. In the summer between second and third year I tried to gain as much industry experience as I could; this is invaluable as it gives you an insight into applying your skills and specialism to the outside world.


Prior to this year out I had studied a 1 year Foundation in Art and Design at City College in Brighton and had also completed 2 years of A Levels at Varndean College. I still say to this day that 2 of my most favourite years in education were at Varndean College. I feel that Varndean has the best range of courses in the Art and Design fields. I have such a positive memory of the environment and the buildings at Varndean and would encourage anyone to make the most of this two years.

Kerry Seaton

It is really thanks to my teachers at Varndean College that I’m doing what I do today. I was encouraged to experiment with jewellery and I still have the first piece of jewellery I ever made in class - some paper square type earrings! After Varndean I did apply to do an Art Foundation but also I also went into The Workshop in Lewes to interview the man who works there and I immediately fell in love with the whole place. I ended up asking about apprenticeships and was taken on for six years, so skipped art foundation and University!


The apprenticeship was fantastic and where I learnt my skill as a jeweller. The Workshop, where I did it, is almost like a second home - I had such a fun time there and learnt a lot. After that I really wanted to move to London so I applied to join Jacqueline Rabun, who is quite a well-known jewellery designer, and I got the job there as in-house jeweller. After a year or so with her I realised I really wanted to do my own thing and so I set up my little workshop in Sussex after graduating from the RCA in 2012.