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Who we are and what we do

The Registry is in room 8, which is on the ground floor of the main building near the staff room. The staff in the Registry carry out many different services, connected to the day to day running of the college, and looking after the students.

Our opening hours during term time are 8.30 - 4.30 Monday - Thursday, and 8.30 - 4 Friday.

Registry is the place to be if you...

  • Want to apply to the College for Daytime, Adult Education or Access courses
  • Have a query about the Bursary/Discretionary Learning Grant and 19+ and Advanced Learner Loan Support Fund
  • Have lost your timetable, or need an amended copy
  • Have lost your student ID badge you need to go to IT Room 18
  • Need to make an appointment with a Head of School
  • Have got coursework to hand in  (by the deadline)
  • Need to deposit a mobile phone/digital device before an exam
  • Need to update Student Contact Details (pink A4 form)
  • Need an 'I Was There' form (white A5)
  • Need to give advance notification of absence (A4 yellow form)

Downloadable forms

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