16 to 19 Tuition Small Group Funding 2021-2022

The college is providing small group tuition to mitigate the disruption to learning caused by coronavirus.

We will use the funds to support students in English, Maths and particular subjects as well as provide support across their programme of study. Eligible students are those who did not achieve grade 5 or above in at least one of GCSE English or maths by age 16. We will provide small group tuition to qualifying students in subjects other than Maths and English where appropriate.

We will prioritise support for students who have not achieved a grade 4 in English and/or maths. However, further to those students, we will also provide catch up support to any young people with a grade 4 where it is needed.

We will prioritise students who will benefit most from small group tuition, based on the criteria above.

We will also have regard to the needs of students with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), particularly where they have experienced additional disruption to learning as a result of their specific needs and disabilities or their economic disadvantage.

We have employed a bank of “learning coaches” who are employed to support students either in specific subjects, with study skills, motivation and confidence or numeracy and literacy.

Support is available in three ways:

Small groups and one to one support catch ups

Students in need of support are identified through Qualifications on Entry and by tutors, who will be able to identify their specific needs and refer onto the small group catch-up team. Students are also encouraged to refer themselves if they feel they would benefit from additional support.

The team will then look at the needs required of every student, creating tailored plans to provide on-going tuition, focussed support and feedback.

Subject specialism catch-up

Tutors and teachers will identify those who are falling behind, potentially falling behind, or lacking the sufficient foundation skills required to thrive in their chosen subject area. Specific subject learning coaches are available in Science, Psychology, Sociology and humanities as well as in general study skills and English and maths. Students are encouraged to self-refer.


Some students may have fallen out of the habit of learning, which will impact on them as they continue to study. Learning coaches will work with individual students and in small groups to help them get back to learning and to support and build their confidence and motivation.