Parking Update - February 2022

The new Surrenden Parking zone only restricts parking between 9-10am & 2-3pm and this new parking scheme starts on Monday 7th February 2022. There is also still free parking outside of the new zone, very near to the north of College. There is also paid parking in other neighbouring zones.

Further information can be found on the Council website or in the links below:

Please note: All enquiries about the new zone and parking should be directed to the Council. Please remember that College car parks are for staff only before 5pm. We realise there's no easy solution and that this will stress some of our students (and staff) traveling some distance for classes and the prospect of not being able to park especially on exam day is adding additional anxiety. Therefore, please allow yourself extra travelling time when coming into college during the day, particularly around 9&10am and 2&3pm.