Are My Lessions Online Or Face 2 Face?

As you know we are reducing the number of students who are in college at any one time inline with government guidance. This means that you will have a mixture of face to face and online lessons. (known as blended learning).

For the next few weeks you will have one week in college having face to face lessons and one week having on line lessons. There is a link so you can see which weeks you are learning in college and which weeks you are learning online here:

There are a small number of you who are a mixed programme which means you are doing a mixture of courses either in 1st and 2nd year or pre-advanced and 1st year. This means you will have face to face and online lessons every week. If you can get home in time for your online lesson you are welcome to but you can also use room 18 where there are headsets you can borrow to do those lessons here in college.

Tutorial is online with online weekly content and a regular one to one (either face to face or online).