Varndean College's "Added Value" National Success

Varndean College has once again scored extremely highly in terms of the “Value Added” that the college generates for its students. In the recently-published Department for Education “16-18 Schools & Colleges Performance Table for Added Value”, the college was ranked 2 nd out of all Sixth Form Colleges in the country.

value added

In the league table for all providers of A Levels (2,770 of them), Varndean College was placed 217th (i.e. in the top 9%).  Within Brighton & Hove, Brighton College was next in the table at 234th.

“Value added” measures the progress students make from the beginning to the end of their level 3 qualifications against a prediction of potential achievement which is based on the national average achievement of those at a similar ability level on finishing Key Stage 4.

value added

Phil Harland, Varndean College Principal, was delighted with the news, saying “No matter what level of academic achievement you come to Varndean with, we have a proven history of developing your potential beyond that predicted at GCSE stage. Quite simply, our track record of enabling students to achieve more has been consistently outstanding.”