Varndean College’s very own “Young Vet”

our very own vetVeronica Freeborn has joined the very small number of college students throughout the country who win a place at Royal Veterinary College.

Veronica’s story highlights how dedicated and determined she is to become a vet. Initially she was rejected by four universities she applied to with at least one citing “not enough contribution to society outside college”. This was because Veronica was at home helping her mother through her stays in hospital and during her subsequent recovery and personal support that her mum still needs today. Despite the time she dedicated to supporting her mother, Veronica still managed to fit in 15 weeks of work experience at a stables, a cattery, a dog rescue centre and a farm.

Once she got her A Level results (A* in Biology, Chemistry, English Literature and an A in Maths), Veronica e-mailed and phoned Royal Veterinary College. Her persistence eventually paid off and resulted in her being offered her a place on their course starting in three weeks time.

Veronica says “I’m more excited than daunted at the moment. I expect a lot of very hard work ahead of me but it will definitely be worth it. My mum will be alone in the house for the first time and is still not able to work, so we actually looked at moving house to somewhere nearer the university, but it was out of the question financially. So I’ll be commuting to Camden every day from now on!”

“My mum helped me hugely throughout the time of revising for A Levels and applying to (and being rejected by) universities. The staff at Varndean College really helped me a lot too, especially with finding really relevant and good quality work experience placements for me.”