Frequently Asked Questions (Adult Education)

If you have any questions which are not answered here, please get in touch with our Adult Education team at

Can I get refreshments?

Yes, the coffee bar is open for snacks and drinks on Tuesday to Thursday evenings from 5.30 to 8.15pm. Occasionally, it may be closed but you will be notified via your tutor and sometimes may not run all through the summer term and the last week of each term.

Do I have to complete the surveys?

We would encourage students to complete these surveys which are usually emailed to you two or three weeks prior to the end of the course. We value your feedback and would appreciate your answers in order to improve our courses and make sure all learners are happy with their experience.

Do I need an ID card (also known as access entry cards)?

Yes, as these allow you into the building and you are required to tap onto the keypad on entering your class for registration purposes. Please note, students on leisure course less than 10 weeks do not need an id card with a photo.

How will I know the course is running?

If you do not hear from us, then you are to assume the course is running. We try to give you as much notice as possible e.g., two weeks before but sometimes we will leave it to the week before but will always let you know before your course is due to start if it has been cancelled via email or telephone. If in doubt, please ring the office.

What happens if a lesson is cancelled?

The number of lessons is worked out appropriately prior to the start of the course including no lessons held on our open days which are always advertised in advanced via our brochure and website. However, sometimes lessons are cancelled at short notice due to tutor illness or unforeseen circumstances and if that's the case the admin office we contact you via email/telephone. We will re-arrange any missed sessions with another lesson, usually it's added on to the end of the course. We will be delivering the amount of 'tuition' fees that have been paid for. No refunds are offered for lessons that cannot be made by the student for a re-arranged session as the tuition hours for each course will have been delivered.

What is your Attendance Policy?

We expect you to aim for 100% attendance and we encourage Adult Education students to attend the minimum of 80% to fully achieve. Attendance is recorded for every timetabled session. Students are automatically withdrawn if they have not attended for 4 consecutive weeks and not been in contact with their tutor or the admin office. If a student's attendance falls below 80% their place on the course and their exam entry will be at risk. Further details are given once you start your course via your tutor and welcome letter.

Where do I go once, I arrive at College?

For daytime and evening classes, please go to the main college reception where you will be met and taken to class on your first visit.

Where do I park?

Students MUST NOT park on college grounds before 5pm. You are able to park in the College grounds in the evenings, but space is limited. Please do not park in the spaces reserved for disabled drivers or the College minibuses, but only in designated parking spaces. Free parking is available on the street after 3pm. If you are a daytime student, please note the new Surrenden Parking restrictions between 9-10am & 2-3pm. There is still free parking outside of the new zone, very near to the north of college.

Why do you cancel courses?

Courses are closed at the discretion of the College and usually due to the lack of student numbers and sometimes unforeseen circumstances. Occasionally, courses may be delayed by one week or two to enable further enrolments, but we will also keep you informed.