Financial Information for Adult Education Students

Please note that all fees and concessionary rates are correct at time of publication, but may be subject to change. Please contact the Registry on 01273 546604 for further information, unless stated otherwise.

Concessionary Fees

If you are studying an accredited course at Entry Level, Level 1 or Level 2 you may be eligible for a concessionary fee, if you fall into one of the following categories and are:

  • Claiming Job Seekers Allowance/Employment Support Allowance or Universal Credit
  • Receiving other benefits and your take home pay is less than £345 per month or £552 per month (joint benefit with partner)
  • Want to be employed or progress into more sustainable employment and your take home pay is less than £345 per month or £552 per monthly (joint benefit with partner). You will need to complete a self-declaration form.

You will need to provide evidence of your means tested benefit if you are earning less than £18,525.00. You must provide evidence of your wages.

All evidence must be dated within three months of the course start date.

Learner Support Fund

If you are studying an accredited course and are in receipt of a means tested benefit, or on a low income, you may apply to the Learning Support Fund for help with travel and childcare costs. You MAY be able to get help with tuition fees if you are working, but on a low income. You will need to complete additional forms and must provide appropriate evidence to support your application. Please contact Adult Education on 01273 546602 for further information

Paying in Instalments

If your course costs more than £200 you may apply to pay in three instalments. You will need to complete and sign an instalment form. The first payment will be taken immediately, followed by a further payment at the start of the course and a final payment two months later. Please note that a handling charge of 10% of the course fee (up to a maximum of £30) is added to all instalment payments. You will still be liable for the full cost of the course if you leave the course prior to all instalments being paid. Please call Registry on 01273 546607 to arrange an instalment plan.

19+ Advanced Learning Loans for Level 3/4 Qualifications

Students over 19 years old wishing to study a Level 3 or 4 course (CACHE, Counselling) may apply for an Advanced Learning Loan from the UK Government. The minimum loan amount is £300 and loans do not have to be repaid until your income exceeds £27,295 per year. For further information visit If you decide to fund all or part of your course in this way please advise us of this on enrolment or on your application form.

Non - UK Students

If you come from a country outside of the European Union, examination courses may be priced differently from the fees shown in this brochure. You may need to provide your passport or Home Office papers to see if you are eligible to pay the same fees as EU learners.


No refunds are given once a course has started. If a course is cancelled by the college you will receive a full refund of all fees paid. If you decide to cancel your enrolment before the class starts your payment will be refunded less a 20% administration charge (up to a maximum of £50). All refunds will be processed within 14 working days.

Gift Vouchers

Why not give your loved one or a friend a Varndean Adult Education gift voucher for their birthday or Christmas. They can use this towards a course of their choice. Prospective learners must be 16 or over. Please contact the Adult Education office on 01273 546602 or email for more information.