Felicity Fischer

Studied at Varndean College: International Baccalaureate Diploma (2012-2014)

Progression: Digital Media, Vancouver Island University

Felicity went to Canada to study a BA in Digital Media. Over the years she's acquired a few academic scholarships and is set to graduate in April 2019 and then start a Masters of Community Planning in September 2019.

Currently my future plans are to work in community planning, with a focus on building or improving small communities; making them more sustainable while meeting the needs of all members of the community regardless of their age, gender, income, or ethnic background.

Felicity says: "You don't have to decide what you want to do for the rest of your life at this moment in time. I'm 23 and I still don't know what the future will hold. When it comes to your education, the key is to ensure you learn how to learn. This, more than anything else, will give you the tools to succeed regardless of what challenges or opportunities the world throws at you. Don't be afraid to try new things, to meet new people, and explore outside of your comfort zone."

Zak Thorpe

Studied at Varndean College: A Level Film Studies & BTEC Creative Media Production (2013-2015)

Progression: Employment

Zak left Varndean and went straight into employment working as a builder, whilst at the same time working on his filmmaking portfolio by carrying out freelance work. In 2016 he landed his first full time filmmaking job with 'Dragonfly Productions', working with them for a couple of months until unfortunately they could no longer afford to keep him on. He then went back to freelancing whilst working as a builder again and in 2017 produced his own showreel which he sent out to numerous filmmaking companies.

In January 2018, after numerous emails and eventually gaining an interview, he was offered the position of Junior Filmmaker with 'The Progress Film Company', where he has now worked on some really exciting projects all over the country, including filming Graham Norton for publicity about his new book. The company also gave him the opportunity to work on a project of his choice with their backing, so has been working on his first ever conservation documentary and has even had my first shoot abroad in Frankfurt, Germany.

Zak says: "It was my Varndean tutor, Nik, who actually gave me the confidence not to pursue university and to start looking for work instead. She felt I had a good chance, as I had been teaching myself filmmaking from my early teens. I now hope to keep developing my skills as a filmmaker and start to focus in on what I am most suited for. The production of my first conservation documentary will be a great learning experience, as well as being a great creative outlet."

Rhiannon Rolf

Studied at Varndean College: Graphic Design, 3D Design & Dance (2013-2015)

Progression: Art Foundation at Brighton Met, then Graphic Design for Digital Media, University of Brighton

Riannon attends the University of Brighton studying a BA in Graphic Design for Digital Media, Her art foundation teacher had noticed she paid a lot more attention to online platforms rather than physical ways of designing so suggested that course over the standard Graphic Design course.

She enjoys the course so much, having never previously considered going to university, and has found it the most rewarding experience. I got a 2:1 in her first year and a 1:1 in her second. She has also gained three years of customer service in jewellery from aged 16 and in 2017 secured a job as a print and design specialist. More recently she landed a job as a part-time Social Media expert at a dance studio. She hopes to work for a magazine or fashion/street culture environment in the future.

Rhiannon says: "Varndean was an amazing experience for me, I made loads of friends and was allowed to express myself in a way no other educational place had allowed before. I would say “be yourself, try as hard as you can but always stick with what you want to do in the future."

Caleb Yule

Studied at Varndean College: A Level Photography, BTEC Creative Media Production + AS Film Studies (2014-2016)

Progression: Employment

Since leaving Varndean, where he made his first documentary, Caleb has worked on a range of projects in the field. In 2017, he produced 'Stories of Note', an online, monochromatic series, which gave people the opportunity to tell a story about something that had happened in their life. It went on to be nominated for Best British Series at Raindance. He also went on to document 'Team Santos' (three players from Brighton Table Tennis Club) as they prepared to represent their country at the European Down's Syndrome Championships. The resulting short film, 'Believe That', was screened across the country, including two sold-out nights at Brighton's iconic Duke of York's.

Later on, Caleb co-founded production company, Kith and Kin Films, which aims to amplify important stories which are seldom heard and show that even the most unfamiliar communities are bound together by universal narratives and sources of meaning.

Caleb says: "I think the most valuable thing Varndean provided in my time there was the opportunity to try out different things. We worked on a whole range of areas and tried different things, and in the end we spent some time working on documentaries and I haven't stopped being interested in them since."