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The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) gives you the opportunity to independently research and write a 5-6,000 word dissertation on a topic of your choice in Year 2. You will have the support of a project supervisor who will advise and guide you, as well as help you develop your own organisational and research skills.

  • You can pursue a particular area of academic interest in depth, perhaps in a topic related to your higher education direction.
  • Some universities will give a lower offer to students who are taking the EPQ
  • Some universities will give additional funding to students who have taken the EPQ
  • Employers see the EPQ as evidence of maturity and the ability to self-manage

I found the EPQ a great experience which challenged my intellectual boundaries by inciting independent research and exploration of a topic of my own choosing. I think it’s a great opportunity to study personal interests as well as prepare for higher education, as it really helped me get to grips with skills such as referencing and forming a bibliography, which will be invaluable at university.

Nadia Ash, current student studying English Language, Modern History and Spanish

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