Spanish is spoken by 470 million people worldwide and it is growing in popularity all the time. If you enjoy being able to communicate in another language and if you are interested in the culture and society of the Spanish speaking world, then we have the course for you.

Year 1

Theme 1: The evolution of Spanish society

  • Changes in family structures
  • The world of work
  • The impact of tourism on Spain

Theme 2: The political and artistic cultures in Spanish-Speaking countries

  • Music
  • Media
  • Festivals and Traditions

Year 2

Theme 3: Immigration and Spanish multicultural society

  • The positive impact of immigration on Spanish Society
  • Challenges of immigration and integration in Spain
  • Public and social reaction towards immigration in Spain

Theme 4: The Franco years and the transition towards democracy

  • The Spanish Civil war (1936-1939)
  • The dictatorship of Franco
  • The transition from dictatorship to democracy

I wanted to expand my grammatical understanding of the language and I also liked the prospect of exploring Spanish literature and culture. I have enjoyed the conversation classes which have allowed me to practise the skills learnt in lessons which have covered extremely broad and challenging subjects.

Monica Richards ex Blatchington Mill School

Course Essentials

Courses Available
A Level
Entry Requirements

Grade B or 5/6 in GCSE Spanish
Career Pathways

Greater fluency in the language can lead to further study at degree level or as part of a degree, and create exciting opportunities for employment in the future.

Other modern languages can be studied at degree level if you prove your competence in any language at Advanced level.
Transferable Skills
Effective communication; listening, organisational and social skills; sharper writing skills; improved use of English language; analysis; decision-making; problem solving; memory and multitasking skills.
Other Information
GCSE Spanish is also offered as part of the Adult Education programme, subject to recruitment.
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