The Governors of Varndean College

The purpose of this governance section is to give an account of the role and responsibilities of the Governors at Varndean College. We believe that it is right and proper to be open and transparent about our activities and to place in the public domain as much information as is possible subject to rules of confidentiality.

The governing Body of Varndean College is an independent Corporation formed under the Further and Higher Education Act 1992 and comprises 17 members who are selected as follows: 10 Community Governors, the Principal (ex officio), 2 Staff Governors, 2 Parent Governors, 2 Student Governors. The Corporation operates within the Instruments and Articles of Government which detail the Governing Body's powers, rules and regulations.

On this page, we include information about the Governing Body including details of its various Committees and standing orders.

  1. Instrument and Articles
  2. Critical Incident Plan
  3. Code of Conduct (for Gifts & Hospitality please refer to App. 5 on page 11)
  4. Corporation Standing Orders
  5. Corporation Committee Structure and Procedures
  6. Financial Statements 2020
  7. Financial Statements 2019
  8. Health and Safety Policy
  9. Risk Management Policy
  10. Scheme of Delegation
  11. Latest Ofsted Inspection Report
  12. Confidentiality Statement
  13. Committee Membership 2020-21
  14. Schedule of Meetings 2020-21
  15. Cycle of Business 2020-21
  16. Governance Committee Structure Chart
  17. Varndean College Students Union Constitution
  18. Arrangements for obtaining the views of Staff and Students
  19. Minutes of Governing Body Meetings
  20. Varndean College STEM Building: Feasibility Study


Louise Pennington
Governance Director and Clerk to the Corporation