Varndean Medical Student wins Seven Year Bursary from The Army

December 04, 2018

Varndean Science student Anya-Niamh Tidey has her eyes set on a medical career in The Army when she graduates, but her passion, skills and achievements have already been recognised by The Army who have awarded her a remarkable seven year bursary.

Anya-Niamh, who previously studied at Holy Trinity CofE School, currently studies A Levels in Biology, Chemistry and Physics, as well as the Extended Project Qualification, and hopes to study medicine at one of the UK's top universities for six years before going on to be a doctor with the Armed Forces. She recently applied for the bursary through The Army’s website and had to undergo an in-depth interview, full medical as well as various short stay activity days wherein both her physical and mental skills were tested to the limit. Anya-Niamh had to prove herself by completing various assault courses, a bleep test, as well as computing tests and essay writing.

She has now been granted an incredible bursary of £3,000 in her final year of study at Varndean College, £2,000 in each of her first three years at university, followed by £10,000 for her final six years of university education.

The Army currently employs around 600,000 people from all over the UK and there is a desperate, pressing need for scientists, engineers, accountants, mathematicians, doctors, nurses, legal experts, and much else besides.