Education and Bass Day

December 03, 2019

Education Bass

Three leading producers from Education & Bass came down to see us at Varndean College to give two masterclasses on remixing. Raff (Nurve), George (Guzi), and Andrew (Nomine aka Outrage), first went through a workshop on ‘What is Remixing’, which founding member Andrew believes is one of the best ways to get students learning about Music Production by learning other producers’ techniques through listening and manipulating their audio material. After our group discussions we consolidated what we had learnt by coming together with the best techniques, followed by filling all of the techniques out with every technique we could think of. Following on we then had Guzi take us through his remix of a track using Ableton Live 10. There were loads of excellent techniques covered, such as how to layer the low-end of a mix with 808s, how to take down the sustain and leave the transients of a drum loop, and manipulate vocals with dub like effects.

Education Bass2

The enthusiasm for Music Production was extremely evident, with Andrew and Raff offering their wealth of professional insights and their historical knowledge of trailblazing artists, such as The Prodigy, Spyro and Noisia. Their wealth of tips was true Music Production inspiration, and we’re very happy to be able to say we are joined with Education and Bass and find their input enormously beneficial to teaching the A level in Music Technology. We hope to see them again here soon, but will be encouraging all of our students to enter their remix competition, and use their pool of Music Production tutorials to better our production techniques here at the College.