Creative Media students get to try out VR technology

September 30, 2019

Year 2 CTEC Level 3 Creative Media students were visited by Chris Hogg, Media Arts Lecturer from Royal Holloway University on Friday 20th September. His visit was primarily to talk to students about progression to study Media & Film at university and to give tips about how to write a Personal Statement. However, he also brought along some gadgets too!

Students were treated to a lesson in experimenting with VR technology, as he gifted the college with Google cardboard VR sets to try out. Everyone had the chance to put themselves into the upside-down world of Stranger Things, or more terrifyingly, spend time in the presence of ‘Pennywise’, the clown from the film IT! Creative Media student Maisie Hudson said “It was very exciting getting to use the VR sets that he brought in, as I’d never tried it before, I really enjoyed the session!”