Varndean College student springs into action to make PPE for Care Workers

April 17, 2020

Sarah and Aiden

A Varndean College student has sprung into action to design and assemble visor kits for care workers as a protection against COVID-19. Aidan Maraj, a first year 3D Design student, got in touch with his tutor, Sarah Lampard-Sawyer, in the Visual Arts Dept, to see if Varndean could help to supply an essential part of the PPE badly needed. Aidan says he had heard about the problem and really wanted to use his skills to help out with the current demand for protective equipment in the local community. Varndean tutor, Sarah, was only too pleased to be able to contribute to producing this urgently needed essential protection.

Wendy, Aidan's mother explained, "While the local hospitals now have a good supply, care homes, GPs and other local community care services have very little. Aidan wanted to do something to help during this pandemic and thought this would be his best way of helping."

Aiden did his research and found an approved 3D printer design of a visor that had been used by other NHS Trusts and then with the help of the company who designed the visor was modified for a laser cut version. After adding a few more tweaks, Aiden then came up with added dimension to the visor, hoping that this design may be more useful to the wearer.

Sarah rose to the challenge of sourcing the acetate and, using Varndean College's 3D laser cutter, went into production making the visors to Aidan's new spec. Aidan assembled the kits at home with the help of his mother and they then distributed them to the charities in need.

The kits have already gone to St Peter's and St James's Hospices and to community nurses in the NHS in Sussex, who were delighted to receive the equipment. A second batch is set to go to the Princess Royal Hospital's ICU next week as they are now running very low.

Visors Visors packed up