Urgent A Level Results Update

August 17, 2020

Dear all,

As you many have heard there has been a significant development with A Level results. Results will now be awarded to Centre Assessed Grades.

This is good news for many of you and goes some way to addressing the inequalities in the system. As you know we have been campaigning and lobbying for this year's results to be fairer.

I would like to reassure anyone who is worried that grades will move down, this will not happen.

Please see this link below for the full statement: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/statement-from-roger-taylor-chair-ofqual

The details are to follow and once we have these we will update you as soon as possible.

The appeals process has also changed as a result. It is likely that there will be an opportunity to appeal against the grade predicted by your teachers however, details also are still to follow.

I will endeavour to get be in contact with you all once I have more details.

Many thanks for all of you who have been helping us to lobby for this change.

I'm just very sorry about the stress and upset this has caused so many young people and their families unnecessarily.

All the best,

Donna-Marie Janson