Young Enterprise Scheme

This course will help you recognise and develop your enterprise skills. You will learn a range of skills associated with running a small business and develop your own capabilities through planning, implementation and evaluation of project work. You will set up and run a business of your own; from raising money, selling shares to making a product/providing a service, to winding up the business and sharing the profits out amongst shareholders. You'll be helped through the course by a Link Teacher and Advisor from the world of business. In the past, many companies have won awards and made respectable profits from their enterprises. If your business really is a success, then you can continue beyond the program date.

The course has no syllabus or exam. However, you will learn how to run a successful business, from marketing, production, logistics, finance to sales and human resources.

Course Essentials

Courses Available
A Level
Entry Requirements

No specific entry requirements, however it is ideal for learners who'd like to:

  • develop essential, transferable skills
  • improve their career prospects or progress to higher education
  • further their own professional development
  • experience running a small enterprise
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