Remote Educational Offer

This statement outlines our provision and remote educational offer during the lockdown period initiated on January 4th 2021.

Provision for our 16-19 students

All students have taught live and interactive lessons as per their timetable. For the majority of lessons this is accessed through their google classroom class accounts. Lessons are structured with planned activities including teacher delivery, Q and A, one to ones and the use of google break out rooms for group work. Students are registered by the teacher in the lesson using the usual attendance procedures.

In exceptional cases e.g. last minute teacher absence work may be set via Google Classroom, Moodle or MyVarndean, this is set as per the students' timetable and work should be completed during the timetabled lesson.

In subjects with a heavy practical element, teaching staff have devised ways to still deliver as much of the curriculum as possible. Department has supplied equipment and materials needed to access learning including sketch books, IT software and laptops.

When teachers are concerned about non-attendance or low work completion they contact students, tutors and where appropriate, parents; using our support processes to ensure that students do not fall behind. For those students who would benefit from Small Group Tuition Support this is still in place and learning coaches are available to give online bespoke support.

Students are expected to:

  • Attend all lessons as per their timetable
  • Engage with the lesson e.g. turn on their camera
  • Complete work set
  • Comply with our Code of Conduct, IT usage and behaviour policies

Students who do not have a suitable device to access lessons can borrow a Chromebook from the college to both access MyVarndean, Google Classroom, Google Meets and complete their assignments. The College is also able to assist with providing internet connectivity, such as dongles. This is available to all students who attend college on: The college is open every day for all students who do not have a suitable place to study at home as well as for students who may be vulnerable or are children of key workers. We are open the following times, as per our timetable, Monday and Wednesday from 8:30am until 5:30pm and Tuesday, Thursday and Friday between 8:30am and 4:30pm. Students can access this by contacting:

For students with SEND, a variety of support is in place as appropriate to the individual student. All of these students, and where appropriate parents and the local authority, have been consulted on what support they would like, and what is most appropriate during this period. Students continue to receive regular support from teaching and support staff including scheduled 1:1s, learning support during online lessons and adjustments to resources and assessments. A very small number of students also continue to receive onsite provision where this is most appropriate for their learning needs and where they have decided this is what they would like to have. Our learning support department is open and staffed during college hours every day.

Adult Education

As per our 16-19 provision all lessons for adult education are now delivered online using Google Classroom, google meet in the majority of cases. All lessons are interactive and delivered live as per our timetable.