Why Choose Varndean?


With an ethos that suits the liberal city of Brighton and Hove, Varndean College offers you the freedom to pursue the life you want to lead. Set in a beautiful green campus with views over the city and the sea, Varndean College promotes diversity, multiculturalism and acceptance.

We offer a wide range of courses and achieve excellent results, meaning you can shape your programme of study into a profile that uniquely suits you. Students say that one of the great things about Varndean College is that it doesn’t feel like being at school. Students and staff are on a first-name basis and everyone is treated like an adult.

Students tell us they choose to study here because of the friendly, supportive atmosphere and sense of community. Our staff are passionate about their subjects and keen to help students reach their potential.

As well as the grassy slopes and playing fields that surround the building, Varndean College has plenty of social space. Students enjoy sitting in the internal open-air quads or using the coffee bar in the canteen.

At Varndean College you will find room to be you.

The quotes below, taken from our 2012 OFSTED report, highlight the reasons for our success:

  • Enthusiastic and skilled teachers plan and deliver lessons in a thoughtful and imaginative way, enabling students to be successful
  •  Students benefit from abundant teaching and learning resources
  •  Students appreciate the strong support from staff which promotes learning
  •  Staff provide exemplary individual support for students
  •  Students develop positive working relationships with each other
  •  Students enjoy coming to College and going to lessons
  •  A significant amount of the overall teaching, learning and assessment is outstanding
  •  Students make better than expected progress to a significant extent
  •  A large number of students go on to prestigious universities


“The relaxed, accepting and creative atmosphere, and the quality of teaching which ensured I would have the necessary support to achieve the best grades I’m capable of without being stressful and demanding.”

“On the Open Day, I liked the layout of the campus itself, and all of the teachers and students promoting the IB were impressive.”

“As everyone says (and rightly so) the atmosphere at Varndean College simply felt the most welcoming to me, with its open green spaces and strong sense of Art.”

“I loved the campus and the atmosphere, the teachers are all so friendly and the College itself makes you feel at home. I have had a fabulous two years.”