Why Choose Varndean?

With an ethos that suits the liberal city of Brighton and Hove, Varndean College offers you the freedom to pursue the life you want to lead. Set in a beautiful green campus with views over the city and the sea, Varndean College promotes diversity, multiculturalism and acceptance.

We offer a wide range of courses and achieve excellent results, meaning you can shape your programme of study into a profile that uniquely suits you. Students say that one of the great things about Varndean College is that it doesn't feel like being at school. Students and staff are on a first-name basis and everyone is treated like an adult.

Students tell us they choose to study here because of the friendly, supportive atmosphere and sense of community. Our staff are passionate about their subjects and keen to help students reach their potential.

As well as the grassy slopes and playing fields that surround the building, Varndean College has plenty of social space. Students enjoy sitting in the internal open-air quads or using the coffee bar in the canteen.

Value Added

Varndean College is very proud of the fact that students who study here do significantly better than would be expected of them based on their GCSE results they come here with.

In the Department of Education's "16-18 Schools and Colleges Performance Table for Value Added" Varndean College is in the top 10% of UK schools and sixth form colleges.

'Value Added' scores are Government calculations which provide a measure as to how much more or less successful students have been by declaring how much 'value' has been added to their results. This means that Varndean students perform better than 99% of all other schools/sixth forms in the country compared to students with the same GCSE grades on entry. This confirms the high quality teaching support, care and guidance that takes place here.