Transition Support Plan Year 11 Summer 2021

We are planning to support you in your transition from School to College so that you feel ready and prepared to join us in September.

Academic Preparation and Support

Our New Students' Day will be on June 30th 2021 in college. You will be able to come to college for the day, take part in lessons, meet the staff and get a feel for what September will bring. On this day you will be set some "Flying Start" work for each subject. This is a subject specific piece of work in preparation for you starting your academic lives with us.

Wellbeing and Emotional Transition Support

Our well being and pastoral team have produced a number of webinars and interactive sessions to support all of our new students to help you to be ready for college in what has been for many of us, a very trying time.

Further Transition Support

Our Additional Support and wellbeing department can organise a one to one with those of you who would like it.

Enrolment Dates

You will be given an interview time for one of the following dates: 25th, 26th, 27th & 31st August where we will enrol you on your courses. This will be face to face in college. If you are worried about the results you receive on August 12th you can contact us and we will give you a call back.

Varndean College Academic Project

Transition Work

A Level

Level 3 Vocational

International Baccalaureate

GCSEs and Vocational Level 2


I Still Haven’t Had My Interview

We are still completing interviews up until the beginning of June. After that date late applicants will have a combined application and enrolment interview during our enrolment dates in August (25th- 31st August).

I’m Worried That My Predicted Grades Are Going To Be Lower Than I Would Have Got In My Exams

As long as you make the entry requirements then there won’t be a problem. If you don’t achieve the requirements for a particular course or all your courses in general still come to the enrolment interview and we can discuss what to do. In most cases we are able to offer alternative courses at Varndean College.

I'm Homeschooled And Was Sitting My Exams As An External Candidate So I Haven’t Got Teacher Assessed Grades

If you have no grades at all then we would expect you to follow a Level 2 programme with us for a year and achieve a set of GCSEs to allow you to progress to Level 3 programme the following year.

I Would Really Like To Start To Do Some College Work Now

We will updating our website with work for you to do over the summer in your subjects.

When Will I Enrol At College?

You will receive an interview date and time in August. We will be enrolling from 25th August onwards.

Key Dates

  • 7th June Varndean Project Available on this page
  • 30th June New Students Day – more details to follow
  • 12th August GCSE Results Day
  • Starting 25th August – Enrolment